Tuesday, December 28, 2010

off from school...

The video Santa promised Emmy he would bring her some makeup and fake nails...well here they are!

Jacob using his new pencils...gotta love coloring!

Jacob made this Santa ornament.  The face is actually a tracing of his hand
and then he glued white snow all over for the beard.

and here's the prettiest girlin the world playing with her pull back car...

and here's the two prettiest girls in the world...

even the boys love the dollhouse!  aint' it rocking?

meathead playing with his trains.  why they are all in the corner of the couch, i know not.
he pulls the pillow off and says "TAH-DAH!"
that's sam for ya. 

off to my sister's tomorrow for the dysfunctional family holiday dinner. 
this should be good!


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