Friday, December 3, 2010

Hanukkah fun at school...

Emma gets to ride the very special BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS today and head over to Mr. Jeremy's class at Fountain Hill Elementary for a Hanukkah celebration.  Now we don't celebrate Hanukkah, but its' fun to learn about other holidays and share in their celebrations.  I found this cute cookie idea in Family Fun magazine and I knew Mr. Craven would so think they were cool.  So i made these (i totally forgot both classes were going to be there, so i didn't have enough for everyone...ooops!)

So you take a fig newton, cut angles in one end.  then you take a thin pretzel rod and break it in two, and stick it in the other end.  i decorated the outsides with Jewish lettering...and voila!  Dreidel cookies!  They are too cute! 

Hope you have a wonderful matter how you celebrate!


Our move to Georgia is looming nearer and nearer with every day that passes.  Our hope is to be gone by July1st no matter WHAT, but I'd like it to be before then.  Alot sooner.  But it is going to be dependant on finishing things here, selling the house and all those other little getting jobs there!  I'm forever looking at houses on line, the market is so wide open with alot of great deals.  How great would it be to find something for about the same, or less than we have here...oh the road to financial freedom!  I know there will always be bills, but how nice to be comfortable, especially in these hard financial times.  We thank God everyday for all we have, our jobs, our home, our health. 

So our plan is to head down to Georgia...Tybee Island to be exact at the end of February to have a "working" vacation.  I've found some awesome condo's/houses to stay at for the week and most are offering a free night or two since it's the off season.  Now we won't be able to swim in the ocean, but it will be a nice view and there's lots to do on Tybee Island.  So we'll be close enough to Savannah and Statesboro to job/house hunt and just be tourists!  that's only like TWO MONTHS away!!!!  Lots to do to get ready for this trip. We;ve decided to drive down to save some cash...on both flights and a car rental.  Not the greatest plan, but it will be worth it in the end.  We will endure this!!  Plus, we'll drive overnight so the kids will sleep (we hope!)  So, everyday I get more and more excited.  I can't wait to see Savannah.  I may not come home!  Oh, but soon I'll be calling there...home.


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