Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to January!

Well,now I know it's the middle of the month...nearly, but welcome anyway!  Our month is so busy it's flying by...quicker than we think.  Painting and decluttering is filling our days.  Re-organizing and getting our home ready for the market...

can't wait...only a few more weeks and we'll be lounging around on Tybee Island...taking in the sights, interviewing, house hunting (yah!!)and just enjoying a well deserved break.  I spent my morning repainting the kitchen and cleaning (ugh!), but it's well worth the effort (and the sore fingertips)


We can't wait to start looking for our new home and meeting all the new people!  I'm dreaming of warm weather, magnolia tree's, peaches, and a beautiful lavender garden....I picture a little barn, filled with drying herbs...such a simple, pure life.  Away from the craziness....oh what a dream.

work.   what to do about that.  kind of burnt out.  kind of not.  good living.  not sure where my heart will take me.  have lots of aspirations, dreams.  funny to be so full of dreams at 40.  starting a new life.


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