Friday, December 17, 2010

holiday festivities...

Another busy week has come to an end...where is this time going?  It seems every time i turn around, it's friday again!  Well we'/ve been super busy this week...

A cookie exchange on Wednesday night with lots of yummy cookies!  Tuesday was the kids holiday concert at school...emma rang the jingle bells!  Monday we met with a realtor...(more about that later) and last night we had our Boy Scout Christmas party...complete with whoelse????  Santa!  All the kids got a special little gift from Santa and we'll just say Sam wasn't so sure about the big guy!  Both Emma and Jacob bravely went up to say hi though!

Even the adults got in on the pics!

Here's our little elf girl...aint she cute??

Finally, a good pic of our tree this year.
did i mention how much i love the galvanized tub it's in!!

and really?  how could you not just eat this little meathead right up?
he is so naughty but you can't do anything but laugh at him.
let's just say, he's following in his older brothers footsteps with his
affinity to electrical appliances!!!  oh goodness!


done with my shopping, just a few more homemade items and baking to do and then its' time
to wrap...i love the idea of fabric wrapping...or making my own fabric bags..perhaps this is something I can start on to have for next year?  Check out soulemama's blog here for some lovely ideas!
She has such a beautiful sense of the season...

making banana bread this morning then off to find jacob a blowup santa at the christmas tree shop..cross your fingers that they have them.  his face was just so sad this morning when i told him i couldn't fine one last night :(

have a merry day!!


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