Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

Sunday, December 5:  trip to Unangst Tree Farm.  very cold day.  picked a tree quickly, but it just came off the "cut wagon" so we know it was fresh.  kids played around while they shook and baled the tree.  bought a sugar cookie candle and off we went.  tree securely tied to the van room.  hubby had a call so it chilled on the rooftop a little while.

off we go!

hubby is hidden by the sun...our tree!


sam was all about the lights....ummm who does he take after????

checking the tree out...nice honky walk sam!

last year, madison was too little to notice the tree..not so this year! 
very interesting......ummmmm, wonder how this is gonna work out?

the discovery of the candy cane.

playing with the choo-choo's

the reason i keep losing things...because THIS little girl is walking around redecorating.
my basket handles somehow are missing?

sideways blurry tree!
great photo skills, eh?

the ornament basket.
this year i decided to just put up my special ornaments and put the rest of the
tree ornaments in a basket for the kids to add one each day. 
Now jacob  found the basket this morning and decorated the BOTTOM only of the tree.
we had to re do that a little and explain to jacob that sissy will remove all of them and
pull the whole tree down.  so we redirected some ornaments mid tree.  for safety's sake!


and a sad note that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the loss of our dear friend and neighbor, Steve.  Sue (or Lucy, or Chachi as Sam fondly calls her) and I went to the gravesite on sunday night.  It was cold, but we sat at the site for like an hour, remembering and talking. 

Steven Renaldi
December 6, 2009
dearly missed...


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