Tuesday, January 18, 2011


what a whirlwind week.  Momma and Jeff came for a visit..the kids miss them so much.  they hung on then for four days!  Now yesterday the kids were off to celebrate MLK holiday and this morning we woke to an ice storm.  yuk.  so no school again.  boo hoo. 

but that does not mean we are not doing anything.  well, i didn't do anything yesterday except get my passport photo taken (what a mugshot that is!) and get my GA application notarized.  and i also found out that I DO have a copy of my real marriage certificate.  sadly, i don't know why i didn't realize it, the post office was closed so the mailing of the application will  have to happen later today. (once the ice clears...umm)  and then there is also a trip to the dentist because my tooth chipped.  umm.  can you say annoying? 

so hubby and i have sat each night chatting up the whole moving process and talking about ALL the mortgage lenders we have talked to.  Omg is it so many.  how to choose?  rates, i suppose.  one guy asked me yesterday how i was going to paymy mortgage if i didn't have a job in georgia yet.  ummm.  how about, i'm going to get one?  i hope.  one interview.  that's all i have.  hubby has like 6.  i guess it's ok.  all i need is one job.  i wish it were closer to where we are going to live, but it's ok. we all know i want to be a farmer anywhohow!

happy day!

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