Thursday, January 13, 2011

the kitchen....revealed!

I finally finished painting the kitchen and the ceiling.  It's not the best kitchen in the world.  Or the fanciest.
But it's my kitchen.  The kitchen where I cook meals for our family.  Where my kids race trucks across the floor.  Where we congregate in the morning, deciding what to have for breakfast.  It's the place the lone fishy watches over.  Hard to believe our mornings (soon) will be in another kitchen :)

the paint is from FreshAire...pinecone is the color.  love the contrast against the cabinets.  I think it makes it look crisp and sharp.  Very neutral.  Red would look beautiful as an accent.  Crimson or cinnamon.  and the ceiling turned out great just replacing a few tiles and a new coat of paint.  whew!

                  I ordered a small table and stools...that should be here next week.  then it's all done~!


the girls in the bucket.
why is it that kids love to sit in these?
Even funnier, I pointed out to my husband that the lid
has a label "to not place child in a close lid"
kind of a no brainer?

oh lordy.  he kills me.

today, Sam decided it would be a good idea to stuff his baby sisters legs into one leg of her footie jammies then drag her across the dining room floor.  I was alerted to this action by bigger sister Emma.
See why I can't turn my back for a minute?
he even looks mischevious, doesn't he?

happi day!

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