Thursday, June 10, 2010

My non creative side!!

Did I mention that Practical Scrappers has another weekly challenge
going on????  This week's challenge is eyelets...Head on over and check it out!

Well, I've been slacking this past week with my "creativity"...not in a bad way though, I've beenn purging my house!  Went on a massive spring cleaning...thoughts of moving....event and really cleaned house.  I sent a truckload of stuff to a charity, began bagging up baby girl stuff Madison has outgrown for my neice's new baby and sorted the kids sock drawer!  Sam moved in with Jacob and Emma and now his room has become the official playroom, with still enough space for Nick to sleep there when it's too hot i his room!  Wow!  Super busy, but I hope to have a chance to scrap today...lots of due dates coming up...stay tuned for when I post my stuff!!

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  1. I too have been more focused on purging rather than creating!

  2. Awesome LO! Wish I could get more of the urge to purge my house too :)


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