Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A great day at Knoebel's

We had such a blast yesterday at Knoebels'!!
It was a beautiful day and despite getting a {little} bit lost on the way
(went the wrong way on 81 duh!)
We got there around lunchtime and the kids had lunch under the pavilions

Then we headed off to the kiddie rides and Nick went off to the pool....

Sam loved the cars...Jacob picked the tow truck!

Sam no-likey the ferris wheel..had to stop the ride and get off!

Fire trucks were a hit!  I think he thought he was in a parade
he kept waving to everyone!

jacob manning the police heli!

We visited Santa at the North Pole
(yes it's really icy and cold, the pole I mean!)

Nick and Grammy clowning around

Sam went on the boats SEVERAL times!

first time on the frog hopper!  Emma and Jacob
also went on the flume..big one and little one for the first time
and the mini roller coaster!

Another successful Knoebel's trip!

Nick and I both confess that we are not digging
he is on the really big ferris wheel! 

A view from the top of the ferris wheel...that's the Phoenix..the ultimate wooden roller coaster!

We had a great day...our last ride was the giant flume...SKLOOSH!
Jacob, Emma, Nick and i went on and got soaked!  After you get off you can stand on the viewing platform
and get splashed from the next boat....Nick and I got hit so hard by the incoming
water wall my shoe flew off and nearly washed my contacts clear out of my eyes!

Then we had to drive home soaking wet, but it was all good!  Another
big hit of the day was that Nick met Mick Foley, a retired hall of famer WWE wrestler!!

There he was standing next to the silo slide! 
How awesome!  Unfortunately, we didn't get a pic, but he did get
his autograph!!

We'll be heading back to Knoebels' next month when we are camping!
Can't wait!

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