Saturday, June 12, 2010

my honest blog post

I follow a blog from Stephanie...who is super inspiring and has the two most beautiful daughters..she's also pregnant with twins.  I don't know her, nor will I probably ever meet her.  I just follow her blog because I like to read about her life and hear what she has to say. She recently wrote an inspiring post about being honest with yourself...and challenged her followers to do the here goes!

*I'm so impatient to finish our ACCC debt...I can't stand it.  I will finally feel like we have accomplished something.
*I'm so psyched about moving. I think maybe a little unrealistically.  People here seem so mean now.  I feel like that will all change when we move to Georgia.  Will I be a nicer person?
*I think I will give up some of the things I do and just be me.  Some days I don't feel like scrapping.
*My 5 year old most likely had ADHD and my oldest is bipolar.  This is overwhelming for me.  My kids act bad sometimes, and it's not because I am a bad parent.  And yes, I lose my temper with them sometimes.  I'm only human too. 
*I want to give everything away in my house and start over. 
*My family sucks sometimes.  Nobody talks to one another and I hate it. 
*I will have another baby. 
*My life isn't perfect, I wish I had grown up differently, but it doesn't have to continue on. I can change it. 


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  1. Good for you, Sue! I read Stephanie's blog as well.


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