Friday, April 8, 2011


We are our new home in Statesboro.  A very long trip with a howling cat got us here safe and sound (God bless) and our first day was spent unpacking boxes.  I couldn't find my camera so I have no pics of the actually moving in process....but believe me it was nothing too exciting!  Two days later, all but two boxes (and the rest of the Christmas/Holiday boxes in the upstairs) had been unpacked.  Most things have found their new home, or at least a spot in the room they were meant to be in.  We will have to learn our new space, find out what works for us and how we use the rooms.  Lots of things to do now that we are here. 

A trip to the DDS went not so well on Tuesday.  So it was back home to send for originals of birth and marriage certificates (really???) and to wait.  A little begging at the trash center up the street enabled us to drop all our moving mess off despite not having Georgia plates (whew) and a big thank you to the owner!!

Getting acquainted with the flow.  Had to go over to my job for some paperwork..twice.  ugh..200 miles in one day.  Not sure if I am gonna be digging this commute at all. 

Kids love the back yard and all the free space.  Sam's favorite thing to do is walk around the pond.  it still makes me nervous though :).  Nightime is SO dark here.  Stars are beautiful and except for an occasional barking dog it is so QUIET.  Takes some getting used to and if you know me you know I have a little phobia about dark (ha ha).  We have some local residents in our yard...namely some armadillo's which I find to be so amusing.  there's a carcass of one on the edge of our property, which is kind of gross, but interesting to see up close.  It has what appears to be a large break in it's shell.  Wonder what caused that?  Hopefully not a bigger animal...ummm.  note to self, keep kids close!!  Our other residents my hubby discovered as one was sitting on his toe....frogs.  Little brown one's and there's also apparently green one's that leave their froggy prints on your windows!

Our neighbors daughter across the way paid us a visit and we were happy to hear she would be able to help out with the kids next week.  She's a wealth of info about the area, very sweet and she's invited us to her church.  It made me happy feel better to meet a new face and a friendly one at that :)

I still have this feeling of not really belonging, kind of lingering on the outskirts, feeling like an outsider.  As the kids get started at school next week, and we begin our jobs that will all change.  We will meet new friends, discover new places and learn to live in a different way than we knew.  What an adventure we have before us! 

God Bless....


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