Thursday, April 21, 2011

settling in thrifty

Our third week here in Georgia found me exploring some of the odds and ends and thrift shoppes here to see what they had to offer.  I found a sweet little second hand shoppe in Brooklet (K's odds and ends) and there is a hoosier cabinet and a sweet vintage metal stool with a pull out stepladder that I have my eye on.  will definitely be making a trip back there :)  I'm compiling a list of things to look out for as a explore...the biggest being a vintage dining room hutch...I can see it in my mind....never know, may come upon something i love.  stepladders, cloches, hanging lanterns, a pie safe...the list is growing by the minute.  Now this may seem to be going against my grain of simplicity...but I'm trying to keep it for decorative/useful purposes only.  Not nick/nack stuff, more storage and utilitarian needs...

visited the Goodwill today in Statesboro....and found these things.....

sweet little summer dresses for emmy

a few cool dresses for me...this one's reversible and i love the pattern :)

a cute little lantern that i can picture hanging in the tree out front
casting a pretty light onto the darkened yard...

side table...not much to look at now, but i have plans for this....
remember how it looks now and when i finish it i'll post a pic :)
a deal at $12 for what it's going to become...




now for some reason i keep waking up with these two in my bed.  
there's sweet though, so i let them stay :)

i couldn't find Madi this afternoon, till I heard a little giggle
and found her trying to get to the cat under her bed...silly girl

these two tire me out.

swimming in much fun is that????




this, plus a paint brush and some blue tape
made this...

how cool is that to be able to write on the kitchen wall?????

lollipops for easter celebration at school...
how funny peeps are hard to find here!!
one lady didn't even know what i was talking about!




across the street they are burning the smells like a
giant campfire outside!  i understand they do this to prevent fires in the summer months...
a little scary, but there were two guys tending to it all day....

happy thursday to you..
i start work tomorrow. 
i'm forty-one years old and still worried if I will fit in!  ha!



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