Thursday, April 14, 2011

first day of school....

Jacob and Emma went to their new school this morning...Brooklet Elementary...they were riders today, but by Monday it will be schoolbus time! Woo-hoo!  Jacob thought it was much to dark to be up already at 6:15 am, but we managed to eat, get dressed (I even showered!) and headed out a little after 7 am. 
We got to meet our new teachers, and I left them in the helping hands of their new teachers...i'm sure they are both a little nervous, but they will be fine.  Emma was so excited about her new Tinkerbell lunch box and it will be a little different for her being in school all day...

on the way home from dropping them off, I came upon an orange placard that read "Prison Work Detail" and up the road aways was about 6 inmates followed by an armed guy in a pickup.  Wow!  I do believe this is the greatest idea I've seen.  I firmly believe that if you legitimately break the law and have to serve prison time it should not be a nice experience.  It should be a deterrant from doing it again.  Instead of looking at incarceration as a means of having a home and 3 meals a day, it should teach inmates how to work for a living and not suck the system dry.  You can reform someone, not by giving them cable, but by teaching them about an honest days work.  Instead of the lack of respect for the authority of an officer that I am used to seeing, it's kind of refreshing to see the differences here.  i am a firm believer that the prison system as is creates more criminals.  Everyone has rights, but guess what?  when you break the law you lose some of those rights.  deal with it. 

enough about that though....been busy painting and I am done with my orientation.  I uploaded some pics this am, but for some reason can'tload them here...will have to check into that.  First day home with only 2 kids, and I have to take Nick to get him registered for school today...busy busy busy

have a wonderful day...blessings!


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