Saturday, April 9, 2011


emma and I planted seeds for pumpkins, cucumbers, and lettuce.  we are starting them in the
containers until i can get our garden up and running. 

the beginnings of a garden spot...beefeater tomatoes and red/yellow peppers

madi going for a ride in her car...beep beep!

downtown Statesboro...the Bulloch County Courthouse
scares me to even say it.  and the police down here drive Chargers
with big ramming bars on the front...holy shit!

love the clock tower

walking to the farmers market on saturday morning.
it was already past 80 degrees.

from the market..honey, muscadine jelly, a strawberry cake, cinnamon raisin bread and
morning glory muffins...ummm delicious!!

the farmers market

giant ant hill....
ummm, we have like 8 of these in the yard, but this one is
the biggest.  definitely need to figure out what to do about these!!

sam with his dinner date.

just sharing our day...

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