Thursday, March 24, 2011

another coating...

today i awoke to another small but still there coating of the white stuff.  ummm.  i just keep thinking, next week, i will be in shorts and flip flops with no cold icy water soaking into my sneakers.  nice. 

as usual, my fears yesterday came to a grinding halt last night after talking to the world's best real estate worries about the occupancy permit...we wll have a temporary one and that will be fine.  and the flood zone with our new house...after talking to the current owner, HE went through the same thing and the house is not in a flood zone!  some of the property is, but not the house itself.  so i feel so much better.  i feel like i can handle it all again, and focus on getting ready for the move.  packing.  umm. what to pack next.  what do i not really need?  i'll think about that a little bit more later...

went to put gas in the car this morning...$3.47 per gallon here, but I got 20 cents off thanks to my Giant card so I filled the tank.  unbelievable gas prices...i won't be surprised if we reach $4 by the end of summer.  I guess I should get a bike!  or a moped! 

brenda and kevin and the twins are coming over tonight for pizza...will be nice to see them.  i guess it's all kind of dawning on me that we are really just going to be GONE.  never coming back kind of thing, eh?

my sister came over last night and we had cake for my b-day.  she got me a steering wheel cover and an air freshener for the trip!  haha.  we had outback steakhouse and mississippi mud pie and a great cheesecake.  i was able to sit and enjoy reading a gardening mag after all the kiddies went to bed.  not an exciting b day but i was totally happy with it!  hubby is getting my gift today...a new gps for the trip...goodie!

have a wonderful day....give it back to God and he will handle it :)


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