Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A very busy sick week...ugh!

Our house is finally beginning to perk up after being overrun by a virus last week!  Yuk!  Nick missed two days of school and I spent the last week of my vacation feeling pretty crummy.  Baby Madi is still fighting off some thrush and Sam (thank goodness) is getting better.  Poor little guy, he got it the worse. 

On top of that we've been  Did i every mention how much i dislike painting windows?  Thankfully, they are mostly done, no it's onto the living room ceiling and putting up crown moulding.  Hopefully that willl be done tonight (if i don't fall asleep early again ha ha).  Our weekly library trip didn't happen last night as I ran around for a birthday gift, and supplies for Christmas gifts.  I can't wait to get started!!

Sadly, hubby's mom and dad aren't able to come for turkey it will just be us here.  Oh well, it will still be a good time with lots of goodies.  Going to work on the menu later today...delicious!  Hopefullly my mom will be able to join us for the day.  Maybe we'll eat early and then go to Koziar's..we'll see.  I have pics to upload so I'll get on that today to.  I really need a check off list!!  Oh and I did some (a little bitty bit) of christmas shopping, but it's really mostly going to be handmade stuff!

have a beautiful day!

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