Friday, November 26, 2010

The Day After...

Lots of  you woke up early this morning, before the sun was even awake, to head out into the craziness that we call Black Friday.  Not me, (but kudos to you brave hearts who took on that task) I was nestled snugly under my covers with a snoozing baby by my side. 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving home in our comfy sweats with nothing to do, no time line to meet.  Just us and a fat turkey and a good smelling kitchen.  We made Indian headresses to wear, each with our given Indian name and shared our "gratefulness" before our meal.  We were blessed with some early snow (how pretty it was to watch it fall) and the kids bundled up and went outside, to only throw snowballs at the back door all morning!  We watched the pretty floats and heard the great music during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  A little walk in the rain to settle our meal in our tummies gave us a chance to check out some more Christmas lights in the neighborhood and with ALOT of prodding from Jacob, a promise to put up SOME christmas lights tonight!  Then sun set and desserts came layered onto the table.  Pumpkin pie, cheesecake, cranberry walnut bread and southern banana pudding...yum!  Eggnog topped it all off and then we were really full!!!

Sue stopped in to visit...a few drinks later we were hanging christmas lights on the front porch, and much to Danny's dismay, the lights he spent like an hour fixing, didn't work anymore after Sue and I wrapped them around the garland like 100 times!! they are up on the door, but only 1/3 lit, we'll work on that later!  I'll post some pics in a few...have to figure out how to get my phone pics on here...ummm!


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