Monday, November 29, 2010

it's beginning to look alot like......

...Christmas!  With a new strand of lights the garland is wrapped gloriously around the door and I will be adding some around the front window.  this years "theme" if you want to call it that is "simple".  really enjoying all the true meanings of christmas.  only a few treasured decorations will make it out this year...decorations that hold meaning, decorations that are natural and add beauty to our home. 

I'm loving the sounds of Christmas music wafting through the house, got a list of baking that needs to be done.  Prepping for a cookie exchange on the 15th that should be a hoot!  But first off comes cleaning (ugh) and moving furniture to prepare for the tree that is coming this week.  And bless me, but most of my Christmas shopping is done (thanks to the world wide web and enticements of free shipping!)  But don't get me wrong, each gift was carefully chosen this year.  And there are zero (i repeat) zero plastic electronic toys that will be broken by the end of the day.  We are all about wooden toys this year, things that last.  And things that people can use and savor...good breads, good smelling room sprays, cute little lip balms. 

And did I mention i've been bitten by the knitting bug?  Oh it's so relaxing.  I'm self teaching, so it's going slow, have to learn how to bind off.  I do believe my Aunt Barb is a knitter, so i may call on her for some help.  I'm working on a blanket, but got circular needles last night and want to start on a hat for pink of course!

have a beautiful more day off for the kids...then back to school tomorrow!


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