Tuesday, July 20, 2010

trying it out

i busted out my new sewing machine and emma and I made
(as she calls it) a Coraline doll!  It's so ugly, it's cute!!

We filled her with rice and added pink embroidery thread around the outside
and yellow ric-rac for her mouth.

Today is Jacob's 6th birthday!!
He's having a Toy Story party...and he incidentally, just got
back from the movie Toy Story 3 where my sister took him.
Loved it!!

I made this card for him...the figurines are from the packaging of his
present (hello...recycle!)

I'll post more pics later of his party!

Nick and I also got our new phones today..i'm such a dork!
I don't know how to use mine at all!  I did get all my contacts in
and text messaged my friend Lynn! 


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