Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm a sucker for a good thunderstorm, so since WFMZ is calling for one almost everyday this week, I'm in heaven!  Tonight, after (almost) taking Nick to MMA, the skies started to darken.  My neighbor Sue and I chatted about whether to water the plants or not.  I told her to give it about 15 minutes and sure enough...

these dark ominous clouds loomed overhead...a few thunderbolts later we had a downpour!  We all scrambled into the house as the wind picked up.   Sam sat like a statue on the patio chair, screaming!  I gathered him and his bowl of cereal up and safely deposited them in the house. 
After the worst of it, Jacob had to go check out the puddles..

And soon, the skies gave way to this beautiful sunshine....

and given the intensity of that light, I should have known we'd have a .....


And here's the pretty sunset that followed...

God, I love me a thunderstorm!

Guess what glue, paper, and some birds can make up.
check it out on my blog!

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