Friday, July 16, 2010


Changes.  Not bad one's.  Just a new direction.  In my quest to prepare my house for selling, I've re discovered my interest in antiques and primitives.  Why did I ever leave??  I love the whole look.  Simple.  Beautiful.  I've been surfing blogs about country primitives and could just sit all day and look at the samples.  Umm.  I'm kind of scrapbooked out (what???).  Nah, just need to take a little break and rejuvenate my spirit.  I'm sure I will find a way to incorporate my scrapbooking/altered art stuff into this whole newly rediscovered love of prim.  I'm going to allow myself about three months to spread my creativity in a new direction.  I wont' ever leave the scrap it too much!

Just a few things....

Madi just swinging the afternoon away...

sam always a sucker to go bye-bye car!

sam has a fetish with beer..

could he have a future as a bartender???

when he's not drinking he's eating COOKIES!!

Hi mom! (doesnt' she look like she's waving??)

Hope they have something like a
Valley Farm Market in Georgia!
But I do wish they would fix the cow heads!

looking for a movie...siskel and ebert...

this picture says "boys" to me!
jacobs cars all neatly lined up on my dining room table.


so join me friends as I explore my new interest in primitives and see what I come up with!
Never know, maybe it will all be mixed in together!!

(have a beautiful day)

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  1. If you want to go hunt for primative stuff let me know!!! There is a great place in Emmaus!


Thank you for the love!