Saturday, September 17, 2011


Very quickly, the seasons shifted yesterday.  Two days ago here in Brooklet, it was 95 degrees, yesterday it was 70, this morning it's brisk and well, chilly.  Chilly like I remember early September in the northeast.  And it makes me think and feel fall.  Like i should get my halloween totes out from under the crawl space and decorate the house in hues of orange and mustard and brilliant reds.  Thanks to Jacob's love of halloween, Dracula and the witch are already on the back porch and there are  plastic pumpkins out there too...ready to adorn the new fenceposts!

So with the fall season now feeling more fall with the cool weather...i also think about GRATITUDE.  This past two weeks has left my head jumbled, unable to focus, concentrate and get my head around my goals.  I ready Rhythm of the Home last night and it centered me a bit and gave me some ideas to get myself back on track.  So my post today and once a month or so will be my list.   My list of things, everyday things, that I am grateful for.  It's a season of warmth and bareness.  You can see through the forest in the winter because the leaves are all gone.  See everything for it's beauty.  Like people, remove the things that hide the true self (the leaves) and you'll see people for what they truly are or want to be.  Tall, strong, unbending.  Like the trees in the winter forest. 

without furthe adeiu....

my gratitude list

1.  cool weather
2.  cinnamon flavored coffee
3.  the ability to re focus
4.  understanding
5.  a job that fits me better
6.  creativity
7.  a new friend
8.  belonging

i imagine my list will change month to month, but its' a way to follow and focus on my goals.  my dreams, where i want to be.  what are you grateful for?



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