Tuesday, September 20, 2011

halloween is coming!

If left to my own devices, I'd decorate for Halloween all year long.  There's something mystical and whimsical about the holiday.  Cooler weather, children laughing, grinning jack o lanterns that just well, makes me happy!  My middle son, jacob is also a halloween lover.  He nearly exploded with excitement yesterday when he saw I had unearthed the totes containing our halloween goodies!  I only put a few things out (saved the gory bloody fake lake for later in the season!)

now since this is our first halloween at our new house, some items worked, some didn't.  it will take some tweaking to find homes for everything.  and i still have more to put out! 


of course, we also had to raid the costume bin!

how funny that this actually looks somewhat like sam's real hair.

little skeleton girl

jessie the cowgirl

optimus prime paid us a visit too!

have you been bitten by the halloween bug too??


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  1. Love your Halloween decorations Sue!!! Your kiddos are adorable!!!!


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