Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ali's challenge: Day two

I converted a dollar store find into my "teamscrap" album:  a place where I can
keep track of all my deadlines and projects for Memory Works and Practical Scrappers.

Sam having his milky on Tuesday night

  and here's the crew on Wednesday am...fresh out of bed.

Sam was very serious when sipping some iced tea from
my glass.  Love the hair!


My lilac's bloomed and they smell so good.  Not to many blooms
again this year :(  We had a huge lilac bush in our yard when I was a kid
and I always wanted to have a big bush in my yard.  I've had mine since we moved
into this house, and it's not getting as big as I want.  Maybe I'll have better luck in

These are flowers that Emma picked out that we have to plant in our backyard
yet.  I hope to put in a little garden, so she can tend to the vegetables.  I think
she'll really enjoy that.


I did get to scrap my Tuesday photos.  I'll take a pic and post them later.
This is fun!


  1. Great idea! Maybe I should check into making something to get me organized!! Loved the pix btw!!
    Barb :)

  2. Its a great to be organized! I also enjoy Memory Works - the nearest scrapbook store for me is 3 hrs away! Great blog! Looking forward to working with you on the PS team!



Thank you for the love!