Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ali's challenge Day One: Tuesday

Tuesday: 4/20/2010

my morning would not be complete without my "big crab" mug and
my computer:  I spend every morning updating blogs, surfing and checking
my e mails. 

we generally don't eat our breakfast at the table.  it's milk and cereal all around,
assembly line style!  and we watch Sesame Street.  notice emma's perch on the table?

scooter and more laundry to be done...

yes, my daughter sleeps with me.

jacob brushing his choppers and getting ready for
another day of kindergarten.

"i'm not gonna brush my hair"

"does it ever end?"  i love it!

more assembly style lunch...peanut butter and fluffernutter
and crackers/chips

got my April Grab Bag stuff packaged and ready to go!

spent some time in the sunshine in our back yard playing.

nick's raised's a genetic trait


Funny conversations:
Jacob to Emma:  "when i grow up i am going to be a tall policemen"
Emma to Jacob:  "Jacob, you too short"


hope you had fun documenting your day today! 
I sent all my pics to CVS for development
so I can start planning my album.
I think I am going to incorporate it into my SimpleStories Album for the
month of April. 

I like this idea so much I may pick a week out of each month to
document.  I t really gives a glimpse into what our life is like, the
routines, the funnies, etc.

{create something beautiful today}

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