Friday, July 15, 2011

time out

Please hang on for a temporary hiatus in my blogging!  My camera is dead (screen went kaflooey) and we had company over the past week.  Haven't had much time to get my thoughts together in my head or on a computer screen.  Hopefully I will be up and running with lots of new stuff going on (and maybe a new blog dedicated specifically to crafting ...whoopee!) by the end of next week or so. 

We are also busy planning for the kids back to school (1 days and counting) and can you say HALLELUJAH!!  we have an agreement of sale on our house in PA!!  Hopefully closing by August 19th and then we are sitting pretty!  Thanks to God for helping us through and bringing us a buyer after 3 long months on the market.  I know that's a short time given the current economy but when you are holding two mortgages it seems like forever!  Once we are out under the burden of our former home, all the dreams i have for our life here will hopefully fall into place.  I'd love for you to be able to share them with us and watch the fun unfold!

C u soon!!


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  1. Sue I'm so happy you finally have a buyer for your PA house!!!! YIPEE!!!!!

    School starting already...WOW!!! I thought August 24th was early.


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