Thursday, September 30, 2010

rain, funny quips and more rain...

its' a rainy day thanks to "nicole" spreading her tropical cheer over us :)  sat on the porch with the kids this morning, watching and listening to the Jacob off to school...he's the ***star*** today and so excited about it!  packed a pot roast into the crockpot with BIG chunks of veggies so it will smell delicious in here by suppertime...yummy!

finally got on FB to see Ayla pics...still haven't seen her in person :( gotta find some time between school runs and dr. appts!  jacob is going to his first ever boy scout meeting tonight..funfunfun!  emma decided to take a trek out into the backyard with sam while i was showering this morning...two very wet kids who got reprimanded for their adventure.  (ummm) 

funny quote of the week overheard while we were hanging out in the back yard (compliments of jacob)..."why does sam have wiggly hair?"

the rain has all but stopped at the moment, but there's more to come.  lots of wind scheduled for this afternoon.  already took my umbrella down. 

madi will be one next month...can't believe it!  and do you know what else that means?  that I will not have a child under the age of one in the house!  holy crow!  here's what she does so far...

has 7 teeth!
plays "so big!"
stacks her toys
climbs the steps (naughty)
eats gravel out of the fireplace (not funny)
removes all shoes from the shoe bucket at the door
feeds herself cheerios and pretzels
working on liking milk, not formula
stands and furniture walks...first big steps are coming soon!

quilt status..did my embroidered how they turned out..very prim :) have maybe two more to do, then have to find backing for it.  I also want to add ribbons to the panel edges cause I love how this looks.

have a happy and dry day whereever you are!

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