Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My latest push is for less.  I mean less clutter, goods.  Quality vs Quantity.  How much excess stuff do you have lying around, unused?  I de-cluttered lots of stuff from my home, donating it.  Now I have come upon a great inspiration (found her book on a recent library trip) Amanda Blake Soule...soulemama.  Her books and blog are so inspiring.  She's about quality, learning from the world around her, using her kids at creative teachers.  Probably a bit more extreme than I could start with, but I hear what she is saying.  Re purposing.  Oh I love that.  So, I'm looking around here for ways to repurpose, instead of throw out and donate.  here's what I came up with so far...

I have tons of receiving blankets (and you never really use all of them anyway) so I quartered each of them and am making a quilt.  I finished sewing the front of it yesterday.  I am going to embroider my kids names on some muslin and add them to some of the squares.  Another great idea was instead of using batting inside, use an old beach towel.  And for the back side, I'm in search of a used chenille bedspread (keeping my eyes open at the thrift stores).  Won't this be a wonderful quilt?  Soft and cozy. 

I've mixed up a batch of grungy dye...smells delicious...all items from my pantry...nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla to soak muslin in and make door hangers out of scrap fabric. 

I'm making my kids halloween treat bags out of felt and blanket stitched the edges.  I have store bought candies to fill them with.  I saw a great idea though to skewer those gummie candies..wouldn't that be cute? Will probably use that at the halloween party we are planning on the 24th.  that and a big jar of granola/m&m's and raisins scooped into cupcake bakers.  I have a plan for some old school party games that I think the kids will love....sorry, got off on a tangent there!

So i'm on the hunt for ways to use quality items, repurpose.  I just found a great article for using an old t shirt that can no longer be worn and making toddler pants out of it!  love that idea.  And to take only what I need.  God, I am probably the queen of the dollar store and excess!  so this is a big deal for me.  But I see all those expensive toys and what do my kids want to play with?  a box!  ha ha!  So i'll try; to incorporate this into our lives now.  My biggest issue is going to be with learning to say "ok" to a messy house, to creativity.  those of you who know me, know I'm a little neurotic about clutter (ha)  funny, cause i am creative, but i guess i am organized about it!  i'm going to try to add some pics...hopefully i'll have my new computer soon :)

;until then, check out amanda at her site...soulemama...you'll be hooked too!


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