Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The sickness

Yesterday dawned foggy but within a few hours the haze had cleared and the sun peeped through.  We spent the day in the pool, laughing playing,  having a great old time.  Little Sammy, so cute in  his swim trunks.  Mr. No Butt and big old belly.  (Boy, his belly really is big today.)  But somewhere, under the waters lie THE SICKNESS.  Going on about our day, we didn't know it, but it was lurking.  Waiting. 

Right before supper, Sam decided to paint his hands purple with a marker.  He didn't want anything to eat.  I snapped a pic and sent it to his dad.  So innocent and sweet, cherub smile, sweet golden hair.  He was playing with the { naked }Baby Alive in the corner and I was cleaning up the dinner dishes in the kitchen.  I heard the scream.  Hands outstretched he was crying and reaching for me.  Baby alive was covered in it.  My chair was covered in it.  The cursed beast that every mother fears.  Curdled milk vomit.  IT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING.  I ushered him into the shower where two more spews went down the drain.  Thank God.  Onto the couch, a quick text to my husband to "drive faster".  He looked content, a little green, but content on the couch.  He appeared at the back door to meet us on the deck  Smiling.  Always smiling.  He ducked back inside. 

There it was again.  The screaming.  I ran into the door to find him spewing forth like a fountain.  Upset and scared he was JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND FLINGING HIS HEAD ALL AROUND.  The "beast" flew all around, covering my newly washed curtains, sticking to my dining room chairs.  I yelled at him (not because I was mad, because I wanted him to stop flinging vomit about) "STOP JUMPING!!!!"

Jacob came running in from the living room, let out a few gags and announced to everyone that "that really stinks".  Madi stood outside the patio door, fingers pinched tightly over her nose.  Emma just stayed outside. Jacob had alot of questions about vomit.  "What's in it?".  "Food, Jacob, lots of food."

One of the girls was wearing only a t shirt.  (I was in the middle of changing a diaper when I heard poor Sam's screams)  I got poor Sammy into the shower again and announced to the rest of them that the "NO TOUCHING ANYONE" rule was in full effect.  Jacob told Emma to get away from Madi because she might havewhat he called "the sickness".  I mopped, I bleached, I wiped, I steam cleaned the mess away.  After about two hours, I finally got to use the bathroom myself.  And guess what?  No flush.  Broken.  Really??? 

It didn't end there.  How much can a kid this size hold?  0130 am brough another onslaught.  Thankfully the morning hours seem to have settled for little Sam. 

I know more of the SICKNESS is coming though because I caught Madi drinking out of Sam's cup this morning.  It's only a matter of time.  Just a matter of time.  The SICKNESS is there.  Waiting.  Lurking. 



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  1. OH, no! That sounds awful! He threw up allll of that? :( I hope he feels better and that no one else gets sick- at least not THAT sick. (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny this week!)


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