Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Monday!

sunday was spent celebrating two birthdays...65 years apart!
how lucky for both to share a birthday!


we also spent time setting up emma and mommi's little
garden.  we have cucumbers, squash, peas, peppers and tomatoes.
all in a 12ft area?  ummm better rethink this.
i'll let you know what we harvest!


and Monday morning was a really early day at school
for Jacob...time for the zoo!

I quizzed him when he got home...i only got tidbits. i'm sure
i'll get more info tomorrow.  he's too busy to talk about it!

Tuesday will bring:  no school for anybody...pray for no rain!
Wednesday will bring:  jacob's choral concert
Thursday will bring:  track and field day for jacob and an extra shift for me
Friday will bring:  a party for emma (last day of preschool), Bounce U for jacob
and work for me!

and can you believe next week is the last week of the school year? 
Nick will move to 11th grade...he's got quite a summer ahead of him!
jacob will move to first grade and emma will start kindergarten!



Practical Scrapper is hosting a patterned paper challenge this week...
head on over and check it out!

{time for some sleep now.  goodnight!}

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