Tuesday, May 4, 2010

over the weekend...

Nick says..."my mom's so crafty...look what she did!"

The Mammarazzi Line...oh God do I LOVE this paper set!

Using up scraps here...

Oh, and this is just so awesome!
I have one of those Febreze Luminaries, well I just love
the little "shade", but the smell was all gone. 
Far be it from me to throw it away so....

I turned it into a card!  It matched perfectly with the Crate Paper line
I had just gotten from MemoryWorks!

Go Green!!


from my crafty kids...for Mother's Day!
Nick did a scratch frame for me. 
I'm going to use it on a page.
Emma made me this cute card and
gave me some seeds to plant in
her flashy decorated pot


so we were eating dinner on Saturday night and we heard this loud
"BOOM" and then some yelling. 
thinking someone got run over we ran outside and found this...

our neighbors car was on fire?

So along came the fireman, much to Jacob's delight!

and this is what was left when they were all done!
If you look in the first picture, you'll see one of my brain surgeon neighbors actually
standing right next to the giant BURNING CAR!
I'm sure that pic might make internet news for world's dumbest
people....it seriously took the police and fireman to tell everyone to

[have a great day]


  1. Wow.... looks like you have had some excitement in your neighborhood!! It is amazing how clueless some people can be about things that just seem so obvious!!

    Love all your projects and crafty goodness!!I am super impressed the way you took the luminary and turned it into a card!! That is thinking outside the box!!
    Barb :)

  2. I agree with Barb, love what you did with the luminary! So very creative!! I love all of your work, so inspirational!

    Scary that a parked car caught on fire!
    Kim xXx

  3. oh, no, it wasn't parked! he was driving it!!


Thank you for the love!