Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a while...

No doubt, I've fell off the blog bandwagon for the last week or so, as well as the scrapping bandwagon!  I haven't touched a brad or used a punch in over a week.  Nor have I been on my MW Studio page!  But that will all change today.  I have to get back into the swing.  I have a swap to swap out {i think we all have our stuff in} and lots of other catching up to do. 

My creative outlets have been in another realm...grouting and be exact, finishing my bathroom that has been un-grouted for the past ummmm...2 years!  So it's done {almost}.  Just two more tiles to go and then some touch up paint and a decision on how to make the floor look a little better.  I've also been tackling repainting the staircase.  I got the risers primed yesterday, so hopefully today I can get two coasts of gloss on them.  Then it's onto the banister.  Yuk! 

I finally was able to order my new dining room chairs and they should be here in a few short days..hooray!!!!!  So, have a little free time this morning, gotta go catch up. BTW, weather has been great so we've been outside playing some more!

In checking everything out that I have missed, I found some great ideas over at the MW blog..check em out!!


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