Tuesday, June 26, 2012

updates from the house...

the bouncy house is dead {compliments of one puppy with long claws}
the tomatoe plants are dead and coming out today.
i've harvested all my carrots.
i've been canning and baking.
we had a campfire.  {ahhh, so nice}
my fish like to eat leftover marshmallows.
i haven't caught the turtles.
only one of my chickens is laying eggs :(.
i finally cleared my pool up. {yeh}
my zucchini plants are growing.
my pumpkin turned orange.
i got my haircut and i'm mad about it. 
i just finished reading Not a Fan.
i am infatuated with books by Joel Olsteen.
i want to go to the beach.
i got rid of the flies.  {thank God}

what's going on at our house?


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