Monday, December 12, 2011

Off to visit Santa....

This was no easy feat.  Four kids.  Dressed to visit Santa on Sunday morning.  Here goes!

Aren't they just darling? 
Sam looks like a waiter!
Jacob is still getting dressed...that's why he's missing.

Ok, so NOW Sam has some Latino stance going on there?

Jacob is looking for serious Brownie points with Santa.
What a shit eating grin!

She's so pretty.

Dear Lord.

You know, secretly he wants to put her in a choke hold...ha ha!

Look at that hair.

bunch of clowns...

Ok, so Emma is posing, Jacob is doing some crazy smile thing, Sam is playing the drums and Madi
is like "can we go now???"

"Umm, where exactly is Santa???"
Jacob is inspecting the blowups.

Sam took a spin on the mo-mo

Uh-oh here he comes!!
Santa Claus!!!

Ok, so Sam did so NOT want to sit on Santa's lap, Madi tried to escape which led to me
and Danny also being in the pic.  Sigh.

Lunch at IHOP.

Madi spent the whole time throwing things OFF the table...crayons, forks, napkins, menu's.
And to think I asked to sit by her!



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