Thursday, January 2, 2014

is it really 2014?

Ok, so 2013 is over.  It went out with a big bright ball crashing hoorah, while my co workers and I stood in room 1 of the ED devoid of hats or noisemakers, knee deep in patients with the flu.  And so we welcomed in 2014.  I hugged my friends Kari and Linda, and off we went, praying for the night to JUST BE OVER.  .

I made some resolutions.  Easy one's I think.  Or well maybe practical ones'.

Take a family trip.
Save 10%  of our paychecks and put it into an touching!
Find a church.
Improve my sewing and crochet skills.
Live Dr. Markhum's advice on parenting.
Plant and maintain a vegetable garden.

Not too bad.  I know it's more than one, but it's more like my goal list for 2014.  2013 wasn't so bad.  We had good moments (Lucas :)) and not so good moments (Frazier's stroke, the bathroom disaster, and an $11,000 bill).  But we survived and we are still here. Intact. A family with it's problems and it's better days.  I hope 2014 brings forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, mended fences, and simplicity. 

blessings all!



Thank you for the love!